About Biorepair International


Who we are

Around the world, many people are living with chronic health problems. Many of them have been on drugs (medications) and from one treatment modality to other modalities without recovering their health.

The contributing factors to chronic diseases and disorders include harmful lifestyle that people may or may not be aware of the effect on their health. Another factor is microbes that are living in the tissues and organs, eating and depositing mycotoxins in the body. As a result, in some instances, most of the diagnostic test results would read negative.

When a person is chronically sick, and all the diagnostic test reports show negative as it happens in some instances, that in itself generates emotional stress on the mind of the sick person. Therefore, most treatments given to people living with chronic sicknesses are always aimed at treating the symptoms. That is why the results at best are always a relief of the symptoms, and never a recovery of the sick persons’ health.

Since treatment of symptoms has never produced any lasting health recoveries, there is an urgent need to treat the root cause of chronic diseases and disorders. A health recovery system that will empower the body to recover itself from chronic diseases and disorders, using nutritional and botanical medicines for cleansing and detoxification of the body. This will enable the individuals to go on with a health renewal processes that will pave the way for joy and healthy living.

The lead service provider is Dr. Chigoziri A. Moses; BA., BSc., MA., PhD. He is the founder of Biorepair International; a board certified natural physician and strategic health recovery specialist with over 30 years of experience in natural health and holistic nutrition practice.

The services of Biorepair International are available to clients in person or by courier to them at their locations, nationally and internationally; anywhere in the world. Distance does not hinder anybody from benefitting from the strategic health recovery services provided by Biorepair International. Get on board. Tell others. Let’s join hands to save people’s lives!


Our health coaching program is specifically designed for clients and prospective clients abroad.

  • Health seeking clients living in faraway country have the option to be provided with a coaching service which means, they will be directed to buy botanical medicines in their city or country of residence as the customs service in the country may not permit certain health care products into the country.
  • In this case, Biorepair International shall guide the client on what to buy, and how to use them. Health supervision would be provided by telephone, 3-times in a week, but maybe more than that in a week, depending on what the situation maybe at any given time each week.

  • Every client shall provide his or her telephone service with WhatsApp or Zoom facilities for the weekly health supervision. The calls shall not be by direct mobile phone service, as this is always expensive on international calls in most countries globally.
  • Supply of botanical medicines with health coaching shall be provided to every client abroad if they want this service. Clients shall pay for the botanical medicine; and shall bear the cost of delivery as well.


  • Biorepair International DOES NOT provide diagnostic services, and WILL NOT provide any strategic health recovery services to any health seeking client without submitting his or her medical laboratory or other diagnostic test report(s) as the case may require. Client should go to any approved diagnostic facility nearest to him or her to get the test(s) done.
  • All diagnostic test reports from clients are to be snapped or scanned and sent to Biorepair International by WhatsApp or e-mail to start the health recovery services to the client.


  • Free consultations are offered to all potential health seeking clients of Biorepair International. All enquiries shall be byeither by phone call, WhatsApp, Zoom or email services to be arranged by the clients. Free consultations shall be pre-arranged after the first contact.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the cost of service?
Generally, apart from the health Coaching Services, all other strategic health recovery services shall be charged on a case-by-case basis. Cost shall be discussed at the time of receiving the diagnostic test report with the clients.
2What is the cost of delivery charges?
International clients shall pay for the delivery of their botanical medicines to the address they provided to Biorepair International. The payment shall be paid before the phytomedicines are delivered to the courier or shipping company.
3How is payment done?
Full payment shall be made by clients upon conclusion and agreement between the client and Biorepair International. The agreed service payment shall be effected by the client to the bank account provided by Biorepair International which may be corporate or private bank account(s) as the company shall direct. For further enquiries, contact us.
4Would I have to pay for consultation?
No. Free consultations are offered to all potential health-seeking clients to Biorepair International. All enquiries shall be by phone call or WhatsApp or Zoom or Email services to be arranged by the clients. Free consultations shall be by-arrangement after the first contact.

Free consultations are offered to all potential health seeking clients